What the Wuhan Coronavirus Might Mean for Singapore Property

The Wuhan Coronavirus is a deadly virus that may have caused all the deaths in China. This is a condition that affects the lungs and there have been several cases reported in the past in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. It may not have happened anywhere else but it has happened in China.

It is a virus that causes coughing, fever, and what appears to be a weakness in people who suffer from it. It has infected the bodies of around thirty million people, causing a number of deaths since it was identified in early 2020. However, no other country has suffered the same number of fatalities as China.

Bird Flu is the culprit

The main culprits of the Wuhan Coronavirus are the H7N9 bird flu virus, which is responsible for the deaths in China, and the coronavirus, which are the one that is responsible for causing the Wuhan Coronavirus in Singapore property investors. The result is that many of them are now worried about getting the viruses into their new homes or properties.

There have been more deaths recorded in Seoul than in Wuhan. People in the city are being very cautious about going on the Singapore property market to avoid the same thing.

Singing cars and construction sites

Singing cars are common in Seoul, but not when they are parked in a parking lot. It is common knowledge that if one sees a car with its side windows broken out, the vehicle is probably a prostitute. A car that does not have its doors open is probably a speeder. So it is normal to see such vehicles in Seoul, but these days, many of the speeders are singing cars.

Seoul is known for its large number of construction sites and the number of construction workers is increasing each day. Many of them have been affected by the Wuhan Coronavirus because their body organs were affected by the same virus. They have also fallen ill from the airborne virus.

There are more songs being sung in Seoul every day than ever before. As a result, many people are warning those who are investing in property in Singapore about the Wuhan Coronavirus.

People in a Singapore mrt station